Tax Compliance & Assistance Modernization

Recover $1.6 trillion in federal tax from those who are not paying what they owe, before raising taxes on those who are paying.

Tax Compliance and Assistance Modernization (TCAM) is a practical proposal to shink the tax gap, gaining $1.6 trillion in the first ten years, while making it easier for all taxpayers to interact with the IRS.

What is the Tax Gap and how big is it?

What's being done to shrink the Tax Gap?

TCAM proposal of tax reforms to shrink the tax gap.

What is the Tax Gap and how big is it?

The Tax Gap is all the taxes that are due, but not paid.

It is almost as much as the government spends for all domestic programs such as roads and bridges medical research, education, and law enforcement.

It is more than ALL the income taxes paid by 90% of individual taxpayers.

What's being done about the Tax Gap?

Less than nothing.

The Tax Gap is getting bigger year after year. The IRS is getting smaller.

TCAM proposal to shrink the Tax Gap and make it easier for tax payers to deal with the IRS.

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